Creating an Inviting Space With Home Accessories

Making your living room an inviting place is a great way to bring your friends and family together. You can create a space where people want to dine and relax and a space where guests feel welcome with the right home accessories. In terms of family you can cultivate a room where kids want to stay and finish their homework next to parents who are reading under a new fashionable lamp. You can absorb some of the sound and cold cultivated by hard wood floors by placing a fur hide in the center of the floor. You can turn a kitchen table into a nice place to dine and relax with matching placemats and seat cushions.

You can keep warm during the cold winter months or in the evenings by keeping a quilt or decorative blanket nearby. These can be turned into home accessories that add to the “home sweet home” feel of your living room. Beautiful quilts can be stored in a wicker foot basket or draped over the back of a couch when not in use and then quickly grabbed and utilized when the temperature sets. You can get matching pillows to put on either end of the sofa or together in the center.

As night comes you can continue reading or watching television in the inviting light of a unique lamp. If you have a table or desk in your home where you work then a table lamp is the best thing you can add. These lamps move around on multiple hinges so that they can be placed at the exact angle you need them without lighting up the entire room. The best thing about stand alone lamps is the versatility in terms of d├ęcor. You can substitute lamp shades based on the season or the decorations you have out and bring a whole new feel to the room. If you have new side tables you can bring a complete feel to the room with home accessories such as table lamps that rest next to a framed photo of your family or an old fashioned feather duster in a nice violet shade.

Home accessories can also bring warmth and good smells to your room in the form of a scented candle. Candles are a great home accessory to have because they come in all shapes and colors. You can utilize them in a multitude of fashions. For example they can be integrated into a table centerpiece during the holidays. You can set up a descending line of candles of varying height on a side table or a coffee table. You can also keep a cluster of three candles of various sizes on a desk or next to a stack of books about art. Candles can set the mood and help you relax after a long day. They are a great middle ground between having all of your lights on in the living room and having no light at all. You can of course benefit from the scented candles if you have pets in the house and want to mask the odors before guests arrive.

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